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The town of Benimarfull is located north of the province of Alicante, in “the Vall de Travadell” (word derived from the Arabic word “TRAVAH” which means “flat thing”).

This Valley runs in a Southeast – Northwest direction and joins the villages of Gorga, Millena, Benillup and Benimarfull. Together, the Valley has an area of 28 km 2, of which 5.62 km2 form the Benimarfull term.

This town can be reached by the N-340 road to Muro de Alcoy, and from there by the CV-700 road (on old maps C-3311).

Located 416 meters above sea level, its term is drained by the canyons of SOFRE and BENIMARFULL (here called “del poble”) to the north, and the canyon of L’ALBACAR to the south. The three pour their waters into the Serpis River.

It is noteworthy the existence of several sources of sulphurous waters, in one of which a spa was built that was in service until 1940.

Benimarfull Informative brochure
Inhabitants: 454

Altitude: 410

Gentilicio: Benimarfullers

Location: South of the province of Valencia and north of the province of Alicante.

Nearby towns: Muro, Cocentaina, Alcoy, Plans, Farmhouse, Benillup ‘.

Communication routes: Road CV 700 Muro ‘Pego

Our history

The human presence in this region goes back to the Paleolithic, …